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Dear All please see here below more info on the World Inter-School updates and links that are very important and informative 🙂 please remember that we as SAJRF will be coordinating everything going forward for this 🙂 please let us know if you are keen to attend @ info@sajrf.org or secretary@sajrf.org  and will will do the necessary follow up 🙂 

here is that info we spoke of :



Dear Jump Rope / Rope Skipping lovers,

Thank you for interest in World Inter-School Rope Skipping Championship. We are getting so many mails/messages from you everyday. We understand your excitement and we are working hard to make your experience more interesting. According to Pre-registration, we are expecting 100% increase in participation in comparison to 2015.

If, you have not submitted your pre-registration yet, please visit https://goo.gl/OEoBIA and submit your estimated entries. Your pre-registration will help us manage your boarding lodging much better.

If, you need to know more about TECHNICAL RULES, please visit https://goo.gl/6kfJR3

For EVENT BROCHURE please visit https://goo.gl/Xz3A5X

For ROUTINE VIDEOS please visit  www.interschoolropeskipping.org

For FAQs https://goo.gl/ECKdGrl here you may ask any question regarding the event.

For MEDIA COVERAGE of 2015 event, you may visit https://goo.gl/lHGzGl

Your mails/messages are always welcome at interschoolevent@gmail.com and www.facebook.com/inter.school.rope.skipping

If you are unable to open any of these links, please visit usus at www.interschoolropeskipping.org .

You may find a few images of 2015 tournament at https://goo.gl/yyqIhQ

Find below a few images of our host city EGER, Hungary.

Like you, we are also excited to see you all on 17 – 21 April 2017 at Eger, HUNGARY. I am sure we will have loads of fun watching jumpers/skippers competing without any pressure.

Please do not forget to forward this mail to your friends, jumpers, skippers, coaches, judges and officials you know.

Love you all.
On behalf of our host team and board members,
Harpal Singh Flora
World Inter-School Rope Skipping Organisation – WIRSO

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