Our 3rd National Camp was a huge success with more Jumpers than the two previous camps which is an indication of a growth spurt that will not be contained but allowed to carry on as we love all the jumpers in the Country and the Continent.

We as South African Jump Rope federation are grateful to all the Jumpers, Coaches , Administrators and all that came and supported our Camp without reservation. We are encouraged by your support to keep going and organize more events for you all to take advantage of and enjoy as all this is for your enjoyment.

Jumpers and Coaches learned a lots at the Camp especially inline with our new Championships alignment rules and Practices. We are certain that in October no one will be confused as to what is required of them when it comes to our 1st Combined National Champs.

To all the Jumpers out there keep Jumping and All the Coaches out there keep Coaching we love you all. South African Jump Rope Federation is your home.

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